Jury Finds in Favor of Arthrex vs. Smith & Nephew

By Julie A. Vetalice

A jury in the U.S. Eastern District of Texas announced a finding of willful infringement by Smith & Nephew/ArthroCare on two Arthrex patents relative to knotless and cross-support technology. A judgment confirmed the verdict and granted US $17MM+ in damages to Arthrex.

The jury found infringement on U.S. Patent Nos. 9,179,907, U.S. Patent No. 8,821,541 from all variations and sizes of HEALICOIL™ Suture Anchors, TWINFIX™ Ultra Suture Anchors, TWINFIX™ PK FT and SPYROMITE Suture Anchors, Titan Ti Suture Implants, SpeedFix Suture Implants, SPEEDSCREW™ Suture Implants, SPEEDLOCK™ Knotless Implants, SPEEDLOCK™ Hip Knotless Implants, Spartan Suture Anchors, BIORAPTOR Knotless Suture Anchors, FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchors, FOOTPRINT Ultra, LabraLock™ P Knotless and MULTIFIX™ Knotless devices.

Arthrex will seek an injunction prohibiting further manufacture or sales of infringing devices in the U.S. and will also seek enhanced damages and attorney fees, as allowed.

Source: Arthrex, Inc.

Product Labels: Knee Replacement