joimax Launches NAVENTO Navigation Endoscopic Tower

By Julie A. Vetalice

joimax Launches NAVENTO Navigation Endoscopic Tower

joimax commenced global launch of its new generation NAVENTO® Navigation Endoscopic Tower.

NAVENTO, the fully integrated fourth generation endo-tower, contains everything a surgeon needs to perform a successful procedure. The tower boasts updated design features for enhanced usability and is composed of six devices that work in unison to give the user the best possible surgical experience:

  • Vitegra®, the brain of NAVENTO, offers complete documentation and data management.
  • Combined camera system and light source Camsource® LED provides optimal clarity up to 4K resolution.
  • Intracs®, the newest device from joimax, delivers electromagnetic navigation at the instrument’s tip.
  • Shrill®, the shaver drill system, with the newest generation recently launched, provides optimal RPMs and torque management.
  • Endovapor® 2 poses electrosurgical offerings for monopolar and bipolar settings.
    Spinal irrigation pump Versicon®, delivers fluid and pressure regulation.

Source: joimax

Product Labels: Surgical Navigation

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