joimax Announces Release of the First Endoscopic AMA CPT Code

By Julie A. Vetalice

joimax's TESSYS® transforaminal and iLESSYS® interlaminar procedures are fully covered in the U.S. following release of a new CPT 2017 Codebook by the American Medical Association.

The Current Procedural Terminology book contains Code No. 62380, the first endoscopic spinal surgery code, covering endoscopic decompression of the spinal cord, nerve root(s), including laminotomy, partial facetectomy, foraminotomy, discectomy and/or excision of herniated intervertebral disc, interspace, lumbar. It will be enforced as of January 1, 2017.

TESSYS and iLESSYS are  already marketed by joimax in 45 countries. joimax has sought to obtain this CPT code since 2012. The company launched 360° TESSYS and iLESSYS systems to treat spinal canal stenosis in 2008.

At last year's NASS meeting, the company launched the EndoLIF® On-Cage made of a 3D-printed titanium alloy.

Sources: joimax, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

Tags: Regulatory