iOrthopedics Awarded IP Validation

By Julie A. Vetalice

iOrthopedics was awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,861,494 for the Universally Expanding Spine cage (UEC), its third IP validation of design and method treatment for spine patient care, controlling UEC implant expansion proximally, distally or both (uniformly), manufactured by 3D printing, for cervical to lumbar arthrodesis, aiding deformity correction.

iOI proposes full treatment options neck to low back, insertion variably through any safe portal per surgeons’ choice, toward positive surgical results for both horizontal bone stabilization and vertical alignment, providing an economical spine fusion and deformity care adjunct.

R. Thomas Grotz, M.D., inventor of Stryker’s AccuLIF® interbody spine cage, designed the UEC for next generation improved adjustability with best engineering principles as set forth in the article, “Spine Surgeons Share Their Needs and Challenges,” ORTHOKNOW® October 2014.

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Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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