International Cartilage Repair Society Launches Global Patient Registry

By Julie A. Vetalice

The International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) launched what is claimed as the first global, web-based patient registry offering an international data pool for articular cartilage injury, history and treatment.

The Registry will dramatically expand the body of evidence available to clinicians, companies and health funders, providing pooled data that can be harnessed to better understand the most effective, safe, economical and clinically-relevant treatments, devices and practices in the treatment of acute cartilage damage and early osteoarthritis.

Along with new data collected via web-based interface, the Registry can also assimilate existing data sets, immediately bolstering the potential for longer-term follow-up of patients who have been in previous trials, or those already part of smaller registries. In conjunction with core, pooled data sets, the Registry software allows clinicians to bolt on additional scores or outcome measures relevant to them.

At launch, the Registry is available in English; six additional languages are planned for incorporation by mid-2017. Data is presently restricted to the knee; ankle, hip and shoulder are slated for future inclusion.

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