Intellijoint Surgical Launches Intellijoint VIEW Surgical Planning Software

By Julie A. Vetalice

Intellijoint Surgical Launches Intellijoint VIEW Surgical Planning Software

Intellijoint Surgical announced a new preoperative surgical planning product for total hip arthroplasty. Intellijoint VIEW™ is a surgical planning software that provides targets for functional cup position accounting for hip-spine relationship and implant templating to generate targets for leg length inequality and offset restoration without requiring CT imaging. VIEW integrates with the Intellijoint HIP® navigation system, allowing surgeons to access and deliver their plans intraoperatively.

Intellijoint VIEW can be used by clinicians to assess a patient’s spinopelvic mobility with a new feature called the Target Zone Visualizer™ (TZV) to provide a functional acetabular cup target that is unique to each patient. The feature analyzes x-ray images of a patient in both sitting and standing positions and then applies the novel hip-spine relationship concepts to produce a cup target. VIEW can assist surgeons at identifying at-risk patients from adverse spinopelvic mobility conditions such as "stuck-standing" or "stuck-sitting" postures and with the TZV feature, help plan a patient-specific cup position to accommodate their mobility to help reduce the chance of impingement or dislocation. VIEW also enables implant templating, identifying leg length inequality and offset restoration needs for optimal implant sizing and selection.

With targeted component positioning, the expectation is a drop in dislocations resulting in revisions. Intellijoint VIEW aids in discovering mobility specific orientation and planning for patient specific needs that can be integrated and delivered during surgery with Intellijoint HIP

Source: Intellijoint Surgical

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Surgical Planning

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