Intelivation Technologies Launches Advantage-C PEEK Cervical Interbody

By Julie A. Vetalice

Intelivation Technologies Launches Advantage-C PEEK Cervical Interbody

Intelivation Technologies is launching the Advantage-C™ PEEK Interbody Fusion Device

Advantage-C is designed for use in skeletally mature patients in levels C2-T1 with fixation for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Advantage-C was developed to optimize fusion, while maintaining elasticity that is similar to bone and radiolucency of the cage body.

President Amit Sinha stated, "We are looking forward to a successful launch of Advantage-C™ and the myriad of efficiencies this device will bring to both surgeons and hospital systems. Advantage-C is the basis for our rapidly growing interbody platform that will see continued innovation and product releases over the next year."

CEO Rob Anderson added, "Our growing line of interbody devices further drives home our commitment to bring cost-effective spinal solutions that consistently provide superior clinical results to the market. On behalf of the executive team, I am very impressed how quickly our R&D team worked to bring this device to market."

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