In2Bones Launches Hercules Suture Anchors, AlloAid Wedges

By Julie A. Vetalice

In2Bones Launches Hercules Suture Anchors, AlloAid Wedges

In2Bones commenced U.S. launch of the Hercules™ Suture Anchor System and AlloAid® Wedges for lower extremity surgeries.

The Hercules Suture Anchor includes two PEEK-based implant families: Fully-Threaded and Knotless. Both anchor families feature proprietary, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sutures that enable a strong, repair.

Highlights of the Hercules Suture Anchor System include:

  • Radiolucent PEEK material with modulus similar to cortical bone
  • Specific sizing for versatile applications, with excellent pullout strength
  • Unique, Knotless Suture Anchor enabling tensioning after implantation
  • Proprietary BightForce™ Suture featuring a smooth, silk-like suture surface that is gentle on soft tissues and surgeon gloves, and remains flexible and pliable throughout the repair procedure
  • Anchors delivered sterile and assembled for increased O.R. efficiency

The wedges are sized specifically for Cotton and Evans Osteotomies.

Hercules Suture Anchor and AlloAid Wedge Systems provide pull-through sales opportunities in previously unaddressed areas of the In2Bones portfolio of products. They are delivered pre-sterilized and O.R.-ready.

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair, Trauma Ankle/Foot/Toe

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