In2Bones Introduces CoLink Cfx Calcaneal Fixation

By Julie A. Vetalice

In2Bones Introduces CoLink Cfx Calcaneal Fixation

In2Bones Global announced U.S. launch of the CoLink® Cfx Calcaneal Fixation system. The low-profile plates address all types of traumatic fractures and osteotomies of the heel bone.

CoLink Cfx includes four titanium plate families with locking, non-locking and cancellous screws, and full instrumentation for guided use.

MIS Plates and MIS Extended Plates are designed for minimally invasive surgeries, to avoid the need for a large incision and known risks associated with healing and scar prominence.

Z-Plasty™ Osteotomy Plates leverage a first-to-market guided system designed to support stability with Z-shaped osteotomies for lateral column lengthening procedures.

The entire fixation system is delivered pre-sterilized and O.R.-ready.

Product Labels: Trauma Ankle/Foot/Toe

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