Implanet Partners for JAZZ Spinal Product Distribution in Mexico

By Julie A. Vetalice

Implanet Partners for JAZZ Spinal Product Distribution in Mexico

Implanet gained regulatory approval of JAZZ® Spine products and signed a distribution contract with Novovascular Technologies to market these products in Mexico, starting in 2021.

This agreement allows Implanet to enter this geographical region, considered to be a priority by Implanet in its internationalization plan, particularly due to the interest of the sub-laminar fixation technique resulting from the Luqué approach to the treatment of spinal deformities. This new partnership further strengthens Implanet's sales potential overseas, complementing its well-established activity in Brazil.

Ludovic Lastennet, CEO of Implanet, said, “The signing of this new distribution partnership, following the approval of our products by Cofepris, finally allows us to be present in Mexico, the largest market in Central America. Mexico has historical ties to the sublaminar fixation technique used by our JAZZ® platform. The approval of our products in this geographical region thus represents a significant breakthrough and allows Implanet to expand its global distribution network, in keeping with its commercial and regulatory strategy. Thanks to the signing of this contract, Implanet is continuing to implement its objective of forming strong distribution partnerships, a model that has already proven effective, as recently illustrated in the United States with the recent clearance of the Mariner Cap by SeaSpine”.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion