HT Medical Expands Ti3D Porous Titanium Interbody Cages

By Julie A. Vetalice

HT Medical launched additions to its line of Ti3D® cervical and lumbar interbody cages, and more than tripled the number of cervical and lumbar instrumentation sets available for surgical use.

Additional cervical cages are available in two profiles: anatomic or flat, in four footprints and three angles of lordosis. The expanded lumbar cages for posterior and transforaminal procedures now include five additional footprints, with a biconvex shape with three degrees of oblique lordosis.

Ti3D technology comprises a fully connected and open architecture that does not include the solid framework found in some porous cages. This design is intended to significantly reduce device stiffness and expand the graft area.

Testing has shown that patented Ti3D Snowshoe Technology™ cephalad/caudal porosity enables cages to have 29% greater bone graft surface area, while lowering subsidence by 31% at maximum loads, vs. a PEEK interbody of an identical footprint.

HT Medical has recently surpassed the milestone of 600 devices implanted.

HT Medical Ti3D Interbody Cages - ORTHOWORLD

Source: HT Medical

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