HoloSurgical’s ARAI Used in Spinal Fusion Procedure

By Julie A. Vetalice

HoloSurgical announced a successful first in human procedure, a lumbar decompression and fusion, using the ARAI™ augmented reality and artificial intelligence-based navigation system.

ARAI provides real-time patient-specific 3D anatomical visualization for pre-op planning, real-time intra-op guidance and post-op data analytics. The element of artificial intelligence is designed to autonomously segment and analyze patient anatomy and color-code key anatomical landmarks in real time, while augmented reality allows a view of internal structures such as nerves, vessels, joints and bones in 3D without making incisions and without looking away from the surgical field.

System components include the surgeon workstation with an image generator and viewer, the surgeon's augmented reality headset and a technician's station that houses navigation tracking tools.

Source: HoloSurgical, Inc.

As we have written previously, other companies such as Augmedics, 7D Surgical and Royal Philips are also developing digital visualization and guidance tools. A list of companies with AR-based technologies and other navigational systems is available in the device company directory at ORTHOWORLD.com.

Product Labels: Augmented Reality, Surgical Navigation, Spinal Fusion

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