Hensler Surgical Debuts New Applications for Bone Press

By Julie A. Vetalice

Hensler Surgical Technologies' Hensler Bone Press has been shown to supply high-yield harvests of graft and bone marrow in tibial condyle and intramedullary post-reaming procedures.

While the system is typically used in spinal fusion cases, these new techniques grow the company's portfolio into potentially the most universal bone harvesting product for surgeons performing any fusion procedure.

Of particular benefit is the aspect that cancellous bone and bone marrow can be harvested at the surgical site, with little to no impact on the patient's already-planned procedure.

Cases performed have shown strong bony union radiographically in three- and six-month post-fusion analysis. Use of the Hensler Bone Press allows for a minimally invasive approach through small cortical windows, easing the possibility of destabilization. The end result captures the gold standard of graft and marrow for each fusion patient, with a decrease in costs from reliance upon synthetics or biologics.
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Source: Hensler Surgical Technologies


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