HD LifeSciences Announces Fluid Channels Patent Allowance

By Julie A. Vetalice

HD LifeSciences received a patent allowance notice addressing fluid channel technology employed in its interbody fusion devices.

HD has developed Hive™ Soft Titanium® technology. The Hive lattice with NanoHive® Surfacing is designed to offer ideal elastic modulus, diagnostic imaging and osteogenic properties. The Soft Titanium lattice of HD's interbody devices comprises interconnected pores, allowing for ingrowth of new bone throughout the implant.

The Hive™ ALIF interbody, pictured below, contains channels within its walls to allow spread of flowable allograft and autograft products through the lattice core. Hive ALIF can hold over 5cc of biologic material within its porous lattice. With its low elastic modulus, the porous core can withstand strain under normal biomechanical loads.

Source: HD LifeSciences

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

Tags: Patent