Genesys Spine Reports Record Year for SI Joint Division

By Julie A. Vetalice

Genesys Spine Reports Record Year for SI Joint Division

Genesys Spine's sacroiliac joint (SI Joint) division exceeded 2021 sales targets with 184% growth over 2020.

The Genesys Spine SI joint fusion system includes options for Posterior, Lateral and Hybrid surgical approaches. Lateral and hybrid procedures include the SIros™ 3D- printed implants (shown above), which provide optimal stabilization of the SI joint through lateral access and treatment at the SI joint with the aid of compressive implants. The posterior sacroiliac joint fusion system includes the patented SIrten™ Posterior Cortical Allograft implant. The posterior approach provides direct visualization and access of the SI joint.

"We are thrilled to reach this milestone and pleased to continue to contribute to pain relief. The Genesys Spine SI systems allow our physician partners the ability to tailor SI procedures to their patient population, therefore affording the flexibility and adaptability to determine the appropriate SI treatment for their patients," said Meredith Gavlick, Chief Strategy Officer, SI Fusion.

Source: Genesys Spine


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