FundamentalVR Offering New Facetectomy Procedure Simulation

By Julie A. Vetalice

FundamentalVR expanded its orthopedic simulation offering with a new facetectomy procedure. The company is introducing the Fundamental Surgery Score system to lend users more reporting and assessment tools to evaluate individual surgical performance.

Facetectomy is the first simulation on the platform to use the scoring system. The procedure lets users repeatedly train with HapticVR technology on removal of the facet joint using a bone nibbler and Kerrison Rongeur. In relevant areas of the procedure, users can make realistic and meaningful choices about instrument use, with the potential to make mistakes and learn correct methods through practice.

New eye-tracking capability is also available using the HTC Vive Pro Eye headset.

Fundamental Surgery hardware combines with haptics in a system that can be used on any PC or laptop to deliver a “feel real” experience. It is available for a minimal investment (hardware investment of as little as $6,000, plus ongoing license fee). Custom simulations can be tailored for device companies and providers to deliver specific knowledge transfer and procedural learning.
FundamentalVR Facetectomy Simulation - ORTHOWORLD

Source: FundamentalVR

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