Full Launch of SeaSpine Explorer TO Expandable Interbody System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Full Launch of SeaSpine Explorer TO Expandable Interbody System

SeaSpine commenced full commercial launch of the Explorer® TO (TLIF Oblique) Expandable Interbody System. Limited system launch occurred in 2020.

Explorer TO offers two types of implants — one expanding in height, the other in lordosis — that are compatible with the same instrumentation. Explorer TO is designed to streamline allograft or autograft delivery post-implantation and expansion.

Explorer TO represents SeaSpine’s first expandable interbody system from the Explorer family. SeaSpine expects to launch additional expandable interbody systems that will accommodate different approaches and techniques in the future.

“We designed Explorer TO with both minimally invasive and complex open deformity surgeons in mind, addressing both TLIF and PLIF needs required in profile, robustness, and post-packability,” said Shaeffer Bannigan, Vice President, Product Development. “This new product offering allows SeaSpine to compete in the expandable interbody market in a much more effective and complete manner than we could in the past.”

Source: SeaSpine

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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