Flower Orthopedics Launches Flower E-Kit And IndicationCube

By Julie A. Vetalice

Flower Orthopedics commenced full market launch of Flower E-Kit™, containing all required cannulated and plating instruments for midfoot, forefoot and ankle in one single-use package. E-Kit plus the new IndicationCube™ offers an all-in-one solution to address specific surgical indications.

Flower E-Kit effectively replaces two instrument trays, reducing waste associated with sterilization cycles in the OR. IndicationCube, specifically intended for foot ankle and ankle indications where plates are often used in combination with cannulated screws, contains all of the implants that can be applied using the E-Kit.

Flower Orthopedics received its first FDA 510(k) clearance in 1Q13, and launched first products later that year. CE Mark approval followed in 2015.

The company was among 16 manufacturers profiled in NOTABLE U.S. COMPANIES IN FRACTURE REPAIR, a 2014 report that is complimentary for ORTHOWORLD Members.

Sources: Flower Orthopedics; ORTHOWORLD Inc.


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