First U.S. Cases with Exactech’s Next-Generation Cage Glenoid

By Julie A. Vetalice

First U.S. Cases with Exactech’s Next-Generation Cage Glenoid

Exactech announced successful first surgeries using the Equinoxe® Laser Cage Glenoid, a next-generation shoulder implant designed to improve glenoid fixation in anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty.

The Laser Cage Glenoid is in pilot launch in the U.S.

This new glenoid implant, available in standard and augmented options, features a central bone cage and three peripheral cage pegs. Each cage peg is titanium, porous and 3D-printed.

In Exactech’s manufacturing process for the Laser Cage Glenoid, 3D-printed cage pegs are directly molded to the backside of the UHMWPE articular surface, so there is no mechanical locking mechanism. Preclinical testing demonstrated the device successfully withstood cyclic loading at ~850 lbs when implanted 5mm proud (simulating a glenoid that is not fully seated) - an extreme loading magnitude and configuration relative to industry standards.

The Laser Cage Glenoid builds upon the foundation of the original cage glenoid design, which has been clinically available since 2011. Clinical studies on Exactech’s original cage glenoid have shown that its titanium pegs are associated with a four-fold reduction in the occurrence of radiolucent glenoid lines, as compared to all-polyethylene cemented peg glenoid designs. Additionally, the cage glenoid’s wedge augmented design requires less glenoid reaming and preserves more bone than step-augmented glenoid designs.

Source: Exactech

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