First Hip Surgeries with Medacta Quadra-P

By Julie A. Vetalice

First Hip Surgeries with Medacta Quadra-P

Medacta announced the first hip replacement procedures in the U.S. and Europe employing Quadra-P Collared and Quadra-P Cemented femoral stems, following recent FDA 510(k) clearance and approval under the CE Mark.

The two stem options complete Medacta's Quadra-P system that launched in 2019. Quadra-P is part of the company's line of P-Stems, along with AMIStem-P and SMS. The tapered rectangular stems all feature proximal coating and progressive neck lengths, with a range of stem lengths and canal filling dimensions to optimally match a patient’s bone morphology.

Quadra-P is enhanced with MectaGrip proximal coating for initial stability, and progressive head center growth that more closely reflects the patient’s natural anatomy.

“Stem selection is a critical component to positive patient outcomes, and the P-Stem Family affords our surgeons the ability to select a distally reduced, collarless, collared or cemented stem that best matches their patient’s femoral bone morphology and bone quality,” said Francesco Siccardi, CEO.

Product Labels: Hip Replacement

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