First Cases with SeaSpine 7D Surgical Percutaneous Spine Module

By Julie A. Vetalice

First Cases with SeaSpine 7D Surgical Percutaneous Spine Module

SeaSpine announced successful completion of the first cases in the U.S. and Australia for the 7D Percutaneous Spine Module. The release of the module represents a new application and increased functionality for its 7D Flash™ Navigation System that allows SeaSpine to address the minimally invasive spine surgery market.

7D FLASH Navigation uses visible light to create a three-dimensional image for surgical navigation in just seconds, which is expected to result in shorter and more efficient spinal procedures. It is the only marketed image-guidance system that utilizes novel and proprietary camera-based technology, coupled with machine-vision algorithms, to eliminate the long-standing frustrations with legacy surgical navigation platforms.

“We are extremely excited to have our first clinical cases completed with the Percutaneous Module,” said Beau Standish, President of Enabling Technologies at SeaSpine. “This new application will help address a very important part of the spine navigation market and will be a valuable enhancement for both hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.”

Source: SeaSpine

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