First Case with TheraCell TheraFuze DBF Fiber Wrap

By Julie A. Vetalice

First Case with TheraCell TheraFuze DBF Fiber Wrap

TheraCell completed the first surgical case using its TheraFuze DBF® Fiber Wrap™. DBF Fiber Wrap is offered as a lyophilized sheet of 100% demineralized cortical bone fibers that can be rehydrated with saline or the patient's blood or bone marrow to create a strong, flexible sheet.

TheraCell Fiber Wrap

The Fiber Wrap is designed to maintain form and integrity when rehydrated and to withstand manipulation by the surgeon.

TheraFuze DBF Fiber Wraps are made from cortical demineralized bone fibers and processed using proprietary Bone Textile™ technology. The processes were developed to produce uniform fiber geometry, size and texture. FiberLok™ technology allows Fiber Wrap products to maintain their form and integrity after rehydration, permitting adequate time for manipulation and implantation.

"We are pleased to have achieved our 2020 product launch objectives for the TheraFuze DBF product line, and we look forward to commercializing a few additional products in the first half of 2021," said Andy Carter, Ph.D., TheraCell's Chief Technology Officer.

Product Labels: Bone Graft Materials/DBM