First Case with Acumed’s Scapholunate Repair System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Acumed is pleased to announce the first implantation of the FDA-cleared Scapholunate Repair System. The system includes a unique Transrotational Screw and innovative targeting instrumentation for proper screw placement. The surgery was recently performed by Mel Rosenwasser, MD, of Columbia University Orthopedics.

“Scapholunate ligament disruption with resultant instability, either acute or chronic, is a common sequella following injury. Untreated, it leads to pain, weakness, limited function, and accelerated osteoarthritis,” said Dr. Rosenwasser. “The technique requires precise targeting of the interosseous screw and a reduced scapholunate joint. The new Scapholunate Repair System features a targeting guide designed to enable the surgeon to reproducibly place the implant in optimal position. The implant allows physiologic intercarpal scapholunate rotation by means of a free rotation design. The procedure can forestall progressive osteoarthritis and the need for secondary salvage procedures.”

The Acumed Scapholunate Repair System was designed by Dr. Rosenwasser to treat patients with acute or chronic, static or dynamic scapholunate instability in the absence of significant capitolunate osteoarthritis, scapholunate ligament repair, scapholunate reduction, lunotriquetral ligament repair, lunotriquetral reduction, and carpal instability.

“Scapholunate joint injuries are a recurrent cause of carpal instability and often result in lost time from work and other activities,” said Jeff Wyman, Vice President of Tendon, Ligament, and Biologics at Acumed | OsteoMed. “Our new system and this motion sparing technique is a great addition to our expanding portfolio of tendon and ligament solutions".

“Acumed and OsteoMed have a long history of delivering industry-first solutions for unmet clinical needs,” said Sharon Wolfington, President and CEO of Acumed | OsteoMed. “The Transrotational Screw and targeting guide provide surgeons another option for these difficult to treat injuries.”

Source: Acumed | Osteomed

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair

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