First BioPoly Great Toe Case in the U.S.

By Julie A. Vetalice

First BioPoly Great Toe Case in the U.S.

BioPoly has announced that the first BioPoly® Great Toe surgery in the U.S. has been completed.

The BioPoly® Great Toe implant utilizes the Company’s proprietary biomaterial that is a combination of polyethylene (UHMWPE) and hyaluronic acid, thus creating a self-lubricating polymer with enhanced wear properties. Robust fixation to the bone is provided by a titanium stem which has a porous metal surface, called OsteoSync™ (provided by Sites Medical), a proven material that has been used successfully used in many other orthopedic implant applications.

Sheila Schwartz, Vice President of Operations at BioPoly, said, “Although we have been implanting BioPoly Knee devices in Europe since 2012, the first U.S. surgery is a tremendous accomplishment for our Company. We are very proud of the BioPoly team and are grateful to all who have helped to make our entrance into the U.S. market a reality.” With the first FDA-cleared BioPoly device now available in the U.S., many more BioPoly implant applications are expected soon.

“The BioPoly Great Toe implant addresses a large unmet need in the market, and we are thrilled to have it available in the U.S. now. This small implant has a lot of technology packed into it and solves many of the issues that have caused other great toe implants to fail,” said Herb Schwartz, President of BioPoly.

Source: BioPoly LLC

Product Labels: Subtalar/Toe Replacement