Fidia Presents HYMOVIS Viscosupplement Study Data

By Julie A. Vetalice

Studies indicate that Fidia's HYMOVIS® hyaluronic acid viscosupplement enhanced cartilage volume and thickness and led to a decrease in synovitis in patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis (OA). The open, 8-center prospective pilot study assessed 46 patients.

Other outcomes included decreased pain at rest and while walking, no serious adverse events related to the product and low incidence of injection-site pain.

Overall this data suggests that HYMOVIS may have a structural modifying effect in knee OA, and provides critical information for the design of a larger clinical trial with the product.

HYMOVIS highly viscoelastic non-crosslinked hydrogel is indicated in Europe to treat OA pain and knee meniscus lesions. In the U.S., HYMOVIS is indicated to treat knee OA pain in patients who have not responded to conservative non-pharmacologic therapy or simple analgesics.

Source: Fidia Farmaceutici

Product Labels: Viscosupplement

Tags: Trial/Study