FH Orthopedics: LP-ESP Disc Replacement Study Update

By Julie A. Vetalice

Study results indicate that FH Orthopedics' LP-ESP® Lumbar Prosthesis demonstrated excellent midterm follow-up results in total disc replacement at five years.

The study tracked 61 active patients who underwent follow-up at regular intervals. Authors reported significant improvement in midterm clinical outcomes, consistent with previously published studies, and "a surprisingly low rate of revision surgery and no adjacent level disease or facet joint problems."

LP-ESP was reportedly the world's first lumbar prosthesis to combine two titanium end plates with a polycarbonate urethane elastomeric cushion, imitating natural disc structure and movement. The device obtained clearance under the CE Mark in 2006, and over 5,000 have been implanted to date in Asia, Australia and Europe.

The company also markets the CP-ESP® Cervical Prosthesis, which has also surpassed 5,000 implantations.

Source: FH Orthopedics

Product Labels: Spine Artificial Disc

Tags: Trial/Study