Extremity Medical Launches AXIS Plate for Charcot Deformity

By Julie A. Vetalice

Extremity Medical Launches AXIS Plate for Charcot Deformity

Extremity Medical released its AXIS® Charcot Plate System. This AXIS brand extension adds a comprehensive plating system to the AXIS Beam Fixation line.

The AXIS Charcot Plate System is reported to be the only FDA-cleared fixation platform that offers tension-side plantar plate options specifically for Charcot foot deformity. The Axis system also features proprietary Advanced Fixation “Compression Post” Technology designed to amplify compression and increase stability, even in poor bone quality.

Along with the AXIS Charcot Plate, Extremity Medical has also developed the Medical Approach Plantar Placement (MAPP) technique that supports optimal biomechanical placement of AXIS Plates for construct strength and stability, while reducing closure challenges and risk of wound splitting.

“With the AXIS Charcot portfolio, we are delivering real change in the limb salvage market,” said Matt Lyons, CEO of Extremity Medical. “The AXIS systems and surgical training program represents our continued commitment to help surgeons deliver better patient outcomes for difficult to treat Charcot limb salvage cases.”

Product Labels: Trauma Ankle/Foot/Toe

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