ExsoMed Launches ArcPhix Angled Compression Screw

By Julie A. Vetalice

ExsoMed Launches ArcPhix Angled Compression Screw

ExsoMed Corporation, a privately held U.S.-based medical device company providing orthopaedic surgeons with innovative solutions in hand surgery, today announced that it will make commercially available an enhanced version of its ArcPhix angled compression screw to promote a controlled approach to achieving functional flexion in DIP (distal interphalangeal) joint fusions.

The ArcPhix angled compression screw was designed specifically to help surgeons achieve controlled functional flexion in DIP joint fusions. Late-stage arthritis in phalangeal joints presents a variety of challenges for physicians. Current treatment methods have the tendency to inadvertently produce straight and fully extended results, suboptimal outcomes for patients who are seeking a return to functionality. Research has shown that when a patient’s DIP joint is fused in a functional position, finger dexterity and grip strength improve over that of a patient with a straight, full extension fusion (Melamed, et al1). ArcPhix is the only angled compression screw constructed to provide surgeons the control necessary to optimally achieve functional flexion in DIP fusions. All instrumentation is sterile-packed and single-use, for efficient use in the operating room.

Source: ExsoMed Corporation

Product Labels: Upper Extremity

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