Exactech’s First Case with Vantage Ankle Patient-Specific Instrumentation

By Julie A. Vetalice

Exactech’s First Case with Vantage Ankle Patient-Specific Instrumentation

Exactech marked the first ankle replacement procedure using the Vantage® Ankle PSI, patient-specific surgical planning and 3D-printed instruments. Manufactured by 3D Systems, the instrumentation allows surgeons to pre-plan bone resections with its personalized cutting guides.

Vantage Ankle PSI is used exclusively with the Vantage Total Ankle Fixed Bearing System. This product is in pilot launch. Full market launch is slated for late 2Q21.

Part of Exactech's Active Intelligence® technology, Vantage Ankle PSI cutting guides are created from patients’ CT scans and delivered in ~2 weeks. The cutting slots on the instrumentation feature a rippled surface to allow water to flow through, to keep the bone cool during surgery. In addition, the instrumentation includes soft tissue offsets, which are designed to allow the surgeon to remove less soft tissue.

“The Vantage Ankle PSI showcases our commitment to delivering personalized solutions and smart technologies that optimize the way surgeons perform every case,” said Chris Roche, Vice President of Exactech Extremities. “This successful first surgery is a rewarding milestone and a testament to our exclusive partnership with 3D Systems to enhance the total ankle surgery experience.”

Product Labels: Ankle Replacement

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