ExactechGPS Study Results: Knee and Shoulder Replacement

By Julie A. Vetalice

ExactechGPS Study Results: Knee and Shoulder Replacement

A variety of study results indicate that use of Exactech's ExactechGPS® computer-assisted technology yielded an improved surgical experience in knee and shoulder joint replacement procedures.

Two studies evaluated the accuracy of 10,144 ExactechGPS total knee arthroplasty (TKA) resections against factors including geographic region, inter-surgeon difference, adoption phase and progression of the technology; high accuracy remained consistent across all factors. A third study revealed consistent short-term post-op results for TKA regardless of patient age, BMI, comorbidities and alignment deformities.

A global, multi-surgeon evaluation demonstrated easy adoption of the ExactechGPS TKA Plus application with minimal disruption to existing or conventional surgical protocols.

Two studies based on the first 2,200 cases using ExactechGPS in anatomic and reverse shoulder arthroplasty demonstrated that pre-op planning and navigation increased the use of augmented glenoid components vs. conventional, non-navigated cases. Further, an in vitro cadaver study presented a novel intra-articular load sensor to measure joint tension in a reverse total shoulder procedure. This sensor is undergoing premarket review by FDA.

In April 2019, Exactech moved from capital sales to an instrument consignment model to allow surgeons faster access to ExactechGPS.

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