Exactech Partners on the Future of Hip Resurfacing

By Julie A. Vetalice

Exactech Partners on the Future of Hip Resurfacing

Exactech acquired a minority interest in JointMedica, a U.K.-based orthopedic device designer and manufacturer. The companies will collaborate to deliver the next generation of hip resurfacing to the global market with JointMedica’s primary product, the Polymotion® hip implant.

Derek McMinn MD, FRCS, and Ronan Treacy, MD, FRCS, the original designers of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing device◊ (BHR®◊), have partnered to develop another major advancement in hip replacement. Polymotion combines proven design principles with an innovative metal-on-polyethylene bearing surface.

“This partnership will bring to market JointMedica’s advanced polyethene hip resurfacing, using Exactech’s global outreach,” said McMinn. “Demand for less invasive and less traumatic surgery remains—particularly in younger or more active patients. Our partnership with Exactech will expand on the clinical success of the Birmingham Hip.”

Polymotion is designed to offer the biomechanical benefits of hip resurfacing but eliminates metal-on-metal articulating surfaces.

“Exactech has a proven track record of success when partnering with surgeons at early stages of new advancements in arthroplasty solutions. Our industry-leading Equinoxe® shoulder system is evidence of our acumen in such collaborations,” said Darin Johnson, CEO of Exactech. “Given Drs. McMinn and Treacy’s impressive history in hip resurfacing implant design, we remain confident that the Polymotion is well placed to address the known limitations of existing hip resurfacings.”

The Polymotion will be available in targeted markets on a country-by-country basis following regulatory approvals.

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