Exactech Launches Equinoxe Ergo Instruments for Shoulder Surgery

By Julie A. Vetalice

Exactech Launches Equinoxe Ergo Instruments for Shoulder Surgery

Exactech commenced full launch of Equinoxe® Ergo® instrumentation which supports its flagship shoulder system. The new instrument sets are ergonomic, suitable for outpatient surgery and compatible with the ExactechGPS® navigation system.

Ergo instruments are designed with a focus on ergonomics. The modular components are intended for easy assembly and adaptable to the surgeon’s individual preferences. Many of the instruments serve multiple functions, which means a more efficient, space-saving experience in the O.R. Equinoxe Ergo instruments represent a 50% reduction in instrument trays, which can decrease the reprocessing cost per case and make them ideal for the outpatient surgery environment.

Another key feature of the new Ergo instruments is their compatibility with ExactechGPS shoulder navigation. GPS-compatible Ergo instruments include access to newly designed reamers, drills and other instruments, as well as an updated half-tray assembly.

In just five years since its introduction, the ExactechGPS shoulder application is now used in ~40% of Equinoxe shoulder cases performed worldwide.

Ergo instruments are available in the U.S. and select regions globally, with expansion to other countries in 2022. Additional instruments, including for augment implantation, are being piloted now.

Source: Exactech

Product Labels: Shoulder Replacement

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