Episurf Update: EU Patent, Selling in Malaysia

By Julie A. Vetalice

Episurf Update: EU Patent, Selling in Malaysia

The European patent office intends to grant another European patent for Episurf Medical. The patent, “Tools for assisting in osteotomy procedures, and methods for designing osteotomy tools,” relates to surgical instruments in Episurf Medical’s Episealer® Talus technology for the ankle.

“The patent covers Episurf’s individualised osteotomy guide, developed for optimised clinical outcomes when treating difficult to reach ankle lesions. This device is an important part of the Episealer® Talus technology”, comments Katarina Flodström, COO, Episurf Medical.

Further, the company announced that the Medical Device Authority in Malaysia has approved the company’s implant technologies Episealer Knee and Episealer Talus for the Malaysian market.

“It is exciting to see the progress of the regulatory work for Episurf’s devices towards new markets. This regulatory approval opens up the market and enables us to work with our distributor towards the next important steps in Malaysia," said Michael Näsström, Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Episurf Medical.

Source: Episurf Medical

Product Labels: Ankle Replacement

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