Episurf Medical Reaches Milestone of 1,000 Implants

By Julie A. Vetalice

Episurf Medical Reaches Milestone of 1,000 Implants

Episurf Medical reached a milestone with the planning of the 1,000th surgery with the Episealer® patient-specific implant. This is an increase from 900 procedures performed as of January 2021.

Over 450 patients have had the implant for more than two years, and approximately 80 patients have passed five years since surgery. The majority are knee patients (Episealer® Knee), but the company is also executing on its early commercialization of the ankle implant, Episealer® Talus.

The Episealer and instruments are designed to remove damaged tissue as well as restore the area with a perfectly fitting implant. An individualized drill guide is designed to increase the precision of the surgical procedure for optimal implant positioning.

”Our history of strong clinical documentation and a solid operational experience creates a compelling combination for the future. We have satisfied customers, patients and counter-parties in a growing number of geographies, and we know that we are a market leader in a growing segment within orthopaedics,” said Pål Ryfors, CEO of Episurf Medical.


Product Labels: Knee Replacement, Ankle Replacement