Episurf Medical Patent and Regulatory Updates

By Julie A. Vetalice

Episurf Medical Patent and Regulatory Updates

Episurf Medical received an additional Notice of Allowance from the Chinese patent office, entitled “Surgical kit for cartilage repair comprising implant and a set of tools,” relative to the Episealer® Femoral Twin joint implant and its design process.

The company expects to obtain CE Mark Approval for the Episealer® Talus ankle implant within the coming weeks. The implant is intended for osteochondral lesions of the talar dome. Talus implants are based on the same technology platform as the Episealer knee devices, with an individualized design based on medical imaging and 3D modulation.

The company has a parallel process to receive CE Mark approval for an individualized osteotomy guide for use in medial malleolar osteotomies.

CEO Pål Ryfors said, "With the addition of the Episealer® Talus to our product portfolio, we are now expanding outside the knee joint and offer treatment options for focal articular defects of the femoral knee joint as well as medial and lateral positions of the ankle joint. We are very excited that our new product line will finally be available on the market."

Product Labels: Knee Replacement, Ankle Replacement

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