Episurf Medical Granted EU Patent for 3D Visualisation

By Julie A. Vetalice

Episurf Medical Granted EU Patent for 3D Visualisation

The European patent office will grant another European patent for Episurf Medical. The patent, “Method of generating a three dimensional representation of a joint,” covers a medical image segmentation process for 3D visualization of joints. Image segmentation is a part of the technology that supports Episurf Medical’s individualized implants and instruments.

"This is a comprehensive patent for protection in the field of 3D visualisation of joints. The image-based segmentation forms the basis for all Episurf Medical’s products, and this is a very exciting and rapidly growing field. This announcement from the EPO is thus great news for us. The patent complements Episurf Medical's patents within medical imaging with a broader protection,” said Katarina Flodström, COO, Episurf Medical.

Product Labels: Knee Replacement, Surgical Navigation

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