Enhatch Launching Fit2Kit Tech to Support Patient-Specific Implant Delivery

By Julie A. Vetalice

Enhatch released Fit2Kit™, a technology platform that allows OEMs and orthopaedic surgeons to access relevant education materials, planning software, inventory control, sales management tools and financial reporting to support delivery of standard or, if needed, patient-specific implants.

Proprietary algorithms convert CT scans and x-rays into 3D models of an articular surface, which then direct the choice of a standard implant or production of custom-fit implants, along with the logistics to deliver products by a specified surgery date.

Fit2Kit tech includes:

  • Mobile Planning – To schedule cases, upload radiographic images, review bone models, collaborate with device engineers and approve final implants
  • Artificial Intelligence – Through which algorithms create 3D models
  • Inventory Control – A loaner system for small batch kitting/shipping of instruments and implants
  • Education – Whereby manufacturers can share surgeon and patient education material explaining the benefits of patient-driven technology via branded mobile apps

Source: Enhatch

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