DJO’s Outpatient Risk Algorithm 6-Month Trial Available

By Julie A. Vetalice

DJO’s Outpatient Risk Algorithm 6-Month Trial Available

DJO is making its OaraScore® outpatient risk assessment algorithm available as a six-month free trial for all new users. The software provides information to help predict which patients are most medically appropriate for an outpatient total joint replacement procedure.

OaraScore’s values are derived by evaluating nine critical co-morbidity factors and overall medical conditions, all in real time. In addition to utilizing OaraScore to determine whether patients are low or high risk for outpatient surgery, the software also tracks readmission rates and compares encrypted data to all other physicians utilizing the tool. OaraScore is the first patient risk stratification tool developed specifically for total joint replacement patients.

“The recent healthcare crisis dramatically increases the need for elective surgeries to be done in an outpatient or same-day discharge basis, including total joint arthroplasty,” said Brady Shirley, CEO of DJO. “OaraScore is the most predictive risk management tool designed specifically for total joint arthroplasty procedures to help ensure patients are cleared for outpatient surgery.”

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement