DJO Introduces Additions to EMPOWR Knee Platform

By Julie A. Vetalice

DJO has launched the EMPOWR Porous' Knee and EMPOWR™ Complex Primary Knee, additions to DJO’s EMPOWR™ Knee Platform.

EMPOWR Porous Knee is designed for both immediate and long-term biologic fixation and features P2™, a proprietary porous titanium coating designed to provide superior bone ingrowth.

EMPOWR Complex Primary Knee, with the EMPOWR Universal Tibial Baseplate and EMPOWR Varus Valgus Constraint (VVC) Tibial Insert, expands the utility of the EMPOWR Knee Platform and provide a wider range of solutions for primary and revision TKA.

The EMPOWR Universal Tibial baseplate maintains the EMPOWR System’s asymmetric footprint, which is designed to maximize cortical coverage and prevent component overhang to ensure long-term fixation without tissue irritation, according to DJO. This baseplate also provides the ability to stem and augment when more supplementary fixation is required. The VVC insert is offered in e+™ polyethene, designed to reduce long-term wear, while the insert is meant to provide the necessary support and stability in knees with supportive soft tissue deficiencies.

The EMPOWR Platform now includes EMPOWR 3D Knee®; EMPOWR PS Knee®; EMPOWR CR Knee®; EMPOWR Porous' Knee; EMPOWR™ Complex Primary Knee.

Source: DJO; images courtesy of manufacturer

EMPOWR Porous' Knee MPOWR™ Complex Primary Knee


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