DJO Launches MedShape DynaNail Hybrid

By Julie A. Vetalice

DJO Launches MedShape DynaNail Hybrid

DJO commenced launch of the MedShape® DynaNail Hybrid™ Fusion System. The system leverages MedShape’s active, adaptive healing technology that maintains dynamic compression at the fusion site while offering an anatomically friendly design that simplifies insertion.

Unlike other screws on the market that lose compression post-operatively, the DynaNail Hybrid maintains compression throughout the healing process to meet this need.

As its name suggests, the DynaNail Hybrid features a combined screw/nail design to provide surgeons with a balance of ease and reliability. The threaded, screw-like tip complements bone anatomy and makes insertion easy, while the Distal Transverse Calcaneal Screw offers stability and prevents device migration, similar to a nail. Maintained active compression is provided through a proprietary Internal Superelastic NiTiNOL Element, which responds to up to 5 mm of bone settling or resorption at the healing site depending on implant length.

Additionally, as a member of the DynaNail Mini® family, DynaNail Hybrid shares universal instrumentation and can be used in conjunction with DynaNail Mini for additional procedural versatility and flexibility.

Source: DJO

Product Labels: Trauma Ankle/Foot/Toe

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