DJO Introduces New Knee and Hip EMPOWR Systems

By Julie A. Vetalice

DJO Introduces New Knee and Hip EMPOWR Systems

DJO launched the EMPOWR Acetabular™ system and the EMPOWR Partial Knee™. EMPOWR joint replacement systems are designed to restore healthy kinematics and optimize surgical efficiencies by allowing implantation with a single tray.

EMPOWR system efficiency is driven by single-tray instrumentation, making these implants ideal for outpatient and ambulatory care settings, and resulting in up to a 50% reduction in storage and sterilization costs vs. other systems on the market. Streamlined instrumentation reduces turnover time and waste.

EMPOWR Acetabular features P2™ titanium porous coating that aids in the apposition of bone. HXe+™ liners are designed for ball and socket kinematics and blended with vitamin E to significantly reduce oxidation and long-term wear.

The EMPOWR Partial Knee offers anatomically shaped femoral and tibial components for comprehensive bone coverage in either medial or lateral compartments, while minimizing the potential for overhang and maximizing natural motion.

“These EMPOWR advances support the acceleration of outpatient total joint procedures and the procedure migration to the ASC setting where surgeons increasingly rely on streamlined solutions,” said Louis Vogt, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of DJO Surgical.

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement

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