DJO Acquires STAR Ankle and Finger Arthroplasty Systems from Stryker

By Julie A. Vetalice

DJO Acquires STAR Ankle and Finger Arthroplasty Systems from Stryker

DJO completed the acquisition of total ankle and finger arthroplasty product lines from Stryker.

The acquisition includes the STAR® total ankle replacement system, which is accompanied by deep clinical outcomes research, and the comprehensive Silicone, Surface Replacement (SR) and TACTYS® finger joint arthroplasty portfolios.

The STAR System

STAR is a mobile-bearing total ankle replacement available in the U.S. market and indicated for uncemented use. Intended to replace an arthritic ankle joint due to osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, STAR’s modular components and positional forgiveness allow for 225 patient-matched configurations with just one surgical technique. The inclusion of STAR would meaningfully expand DJO’s portfolio and geographic footprint.

Finger Joint Arthroplasty

The Silicone, Surface Replacement and TACTYS finger joint replacement portfolio holds a leading global market position with a 20-year clinical history.

Silicone constrained silicone elastomer joint replacement devices are designed to replace the affected surface of the Proximal InterPhalangeal (PIP) and MetaCarpoPhalangeal (MCP) hand joints. The arthroplasty devices have a volar hinge axis intended to create an anatomical balance between the flexor and extensor mechanisms.

SR semi-constrained implants are designed to replicate the anatomic joint surfaces of the PIP and MCP joints, preserve bone and reduce disruption to the collateral ligament origins and insertions.

TACTYS is a total anatomic gliding and modular prosthesis for arthritis.

“Ankle and finger arthroplasty are two fast-growing arthroplasty segments, and this acquisition reflects DJO’s focus on providing market-leading solutions to meet the greater needs of surgeons and their patients. This expansion allows us to address a larger patient population and enhances our goal of helping patients return to an active lifestyle.”  – Brady Shirley, CEO of DJO

Product Labels: Finger/Hand/Wrist Replacement, Ankle Replacement

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