DePuy Synthes Launches Variable Angle Locking Compression Clavicle Plate

By Julie A. Vetalice

DePuy Synthes Launches Variable Angle Locking Compression Clavicle Plate

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies announced that DePuy Synthes has launched the 2.7 mm Variable Angle Locking Compression Plate (VA LCP®) Clavicle Plate System for the treatment of lateral, shaft and medial fractures for small, medium and large clavicles. This new system offers plate shapes that reflect the correlation between patient stature and clavicle size to match the bow and contour of the clavicle and accommodate a broad range of anatomic variability of the clavicle. The VA LCP® Clavicle Plate System offers thinner plates, a more accurate plate-to-bone fit, and reduced prominence.

Clavicle fractures, or breaks in the collarbone, account for approximately 5% of all adult fractures. In complicated cases, patients may need surgery using fixation devices to realign the collarbone. One of the most common complications from this surgery is the need for hardware removal due to irritation caused by prominent plates.

Throughout the development process for the 2.7mm VA LCP® Clavicle System, DePuy Synthes conducted extensive research; examining more than 600 clavicle CT scans from a broad-based patient population and analyzing 15 different parameters on each bone to identify the correlation between patient height and clavicle shape. The data was used to engineer lower profile plates with enhanced plate to bone fit for a broad range of patients with different statures, including those with small statures.

The VA LCP® Clavicle System is launching globally this year.

Source: DePuy Synthes

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