DePuy Synthes Launches Distal Radius Sterile Kit

By Julie A. Vetalice

DePuy Synthes introduced the Distal Radius Sterile Kit, a sterilized, single-use system of instruments and implants to treat wrist fracture.

The kit is a response to surgeons' needs for a simplified system that enhances OR efficiency and minimizes procedure delay, while appealing to the hospital's requirement to reduce sterilization costs. It includes one Variable Angle LCP® Two-Column Volar Distal Radius Plate plus screws and instrumentation that can address 80% of distal radius fracture cases that are currently treated with plates and screws.

Published data indicates that 640,000 wrist fractures occur each year in the U.S., spanning both sexes and all ages, and that wrist fracture is one of the most common fractures presenting in the ER in patients under 65. Studies have indicated that surgical delays of as little as ten minutes—such as those arising from issues with sterilization or instrument availability—can cost a hospital over $130,000 in staffing costs alone for one year. Further studies suggest that single-use kits, which are designed to reduce delays associated with sterilzation, may save ~$285 per procedure.

Source: DePuy Synthes

Product Labels: Upper Extremity

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