curasan Enters Joint Venture to Research Biosurgical Therapies

By Julie A. Vetalice

curasan Enters Joint Venture to Research Biosurgical Therapies

Xlife Sciences and curasan have formed Novaxomx, a joint biosurgical company. The venture will focus on the research, development, certification, production and marketing of disruptive therapies for use in musculoskeletal disease treatment and tissue regeneration.

Novaxomx' primary goal is to optimize biomimetic osteoconductive carrier materials by biologizing them with growth- and healing-promoting substances to improve biofunctionality and availability in regenerative processes, such as non-union or delayed non-union fractures or bone fusion after spinal fusion. Other applications include the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis, rheumatoid arthritis or periodontal bone loss.

The research and development approach of Novaxomx is based on patented exosome technology. Exosomes are bioactive nanovesicles secreted from human stem cells or derived from autologous platelets. They are introduced with the carrier materials and enable intercellular communication, which is crucial for regenerative processes in the human body.

"The biological refinement of our clinically proven scaffold materials for bone and tissue regeneration with nanovesicles once again underscores curasan's pioneering role when it comes to developing new therapies for musculoskeletal diseases. As the majority shareholder of the newly founded Novaxomx, we have thus set an important course for the successful future of curasan AG," said Dirk Dembski, CEO of curasan.

Source: curasan and Xlife Sciences