CTL Amedica Granted Patent for Screw Offset Blocking Mechanism Used in MONET Anterior Cervical Fusion

By Mike Evers

MONET Anterior Cervical Fusion System

CTL Amedica was granted a U.S. patent (No. 10,543,101) addressing a screw offset blocking mechanism, designed for and implemented in the company’s MONET™ Anterior Cervical Fusion System, available in titanium and PEEK cage options. The company plans to apply the technology in future cervical and lumbar plating products.

MONET also features integrated anterior plating options, including low-profile, four-screw configurations, as well as zero-profile two-screw assemblies to accommodate a patient’s individual anatomy.

“Cervical surgeries make up more than half of all spine surgeries worldwide, and integrated technologies continue to flourish throughout the entire orthopedic implant sector, so we’re particularly pleased to announce this new patent. The blocking technology can be utilized in current and future products and may have licensing possibilities down the road,” said Daniel Chon, CTL Amedica's President and CEO. “Due to its fundamental application throughout the entire orthopedic fixation arena, screw blocking technology is one of the most competitive and intellectually protected areas of medical device development today. CTL Amedica’s newly patented technology is one of many core development investments our company is making.”

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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