CrossRoads Extremity Systems Launches DynaBunion 4D Lapidus System

By Julie A. Vetalice

CrossRoads Extremity Systems Launches DynaBunion 4D Lapidus System

CrossRoads Extremity Systems introduced a 4D minimally-invasive DynaBunion™ Lapidus System for bunion repair.

The patent portfolio acquired from Surgical Frontiers in 2019, combined with the company's DynaForce® Staple Compression Plate™, supported launch of this system.

The original Lapidus procedure requires simultaneous positioning of small bones in three-dimensional alignment while inserting hardware. Surgical assistants are frequently required to manage the procedure. DynaBunion allows surgeons to restore normal foot anatomy by realigning and fusing the bones in four different dimensions through small incisions.

"Our design surgeons mentioned the need for more hands during a Lapidus," said Chad Hollis, CrossRoads Vice President of Research & Development. "Our challenge was designing simple instrumentation to solve this multi-dimensional problem. Additionally, we recognized that Lapidus is actually a four-dimensional procedure. Not only should the bones be aligned, but they must be compressed together to ensure a solid fusion...we have a proven Staple Compression Plate™ technology that neatly addresses that fourth dimension."

CrossRoads also provides the MINIbunion™ minimally-invasive bunion correction system that can deliver a walking recovery for patients with less severe bunions.

Product Labels: Trauma Ankle/Foot/Toe

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