Corin Launches OMNIBotics 2.7 for Total Knee Replacement

By Julie A. Vetalice

Corin Launches OMNIBotics 2.7 for Total Knee Replacement

Corin announced the first clinical cases with the OMNIBotics 2.7 robotic-assisted platform for use in total knee arthroplasty. The updated system allows surgeons to review operative planning and reports against their patient profiles and patient-reported outcome measures, as well as benchmark data from similar patient cohorts.

OMNIBotics 2.7 is available at select global sites with full commercial release to occur within the year.

Corin BalanceBot Ligament Tensioning

BalanceBot Robotic Ligament Tensioning Device for total knee arthroplasty.

OMNIBotics 2.7 supports seamless data transfer to the proprietary CorinConnect registry and analytical ecosystem. By integrating OMNIBotics with the CorinConnect dashboard, surgeons can access analytical insight to make informed decisions to improve patient outcomes.

OMNIBotics has been used worldwide since 2010 with over 30,000 cases completed since its introduction. In 2017, the Predictive Balance Technique™ was introduced taking advantage of the world’s first robotic ligament balancer, the BalanceBot™.

“The BalanceBot offers a unique and timely opportunity to measure patients’ soft tissues prior to any femoral resections. Now with the connected platform and access to the CorinRegistry, surgeons and patients alike will benefit from the analytic tools available on the surgeon’s dashboard. Combining all insights generated across Corin’s digital surgery platform, the CorinRegistry will provide surgeons with an unprecedented level of understanding about each patient. Surgeons will have the ability to identify outlier patients and intervene early, benchmark against similar patient cohorts and identify trends in component alignment and balance that contribute to improved outcomes. This objective information will augment evidence-based decision making and should ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes,” said Jim Pierrepont, Chief Innovation Officer at Corin.


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