CoreLink Launches Lateral Access and Interbody Fusion Platform

By Julie A. Vetalice

CoreLink Surgical commenced full commercial launch of its Lateral Access System and the F3D™ and CL5™ Lateral interbody fusion devices.

F3D is based on proprietary Mimetic Metal™ additively manufactured technology that imitates characteristics of natural bone with 100% open-pore architecture and micro-roughened porosity with significant hydrophilic wicking ability. This is combined with StrutSure™, a proprietary interconnected lattice in the body of this implant designed to minimize overall implant density and support clear imaging.

CL5 Lateral PEEK devices feature large graft windows and an anatomical shape in a range of sizes. The Lateral Access System includes an array of tissue retractor options and specialized surgical instruments to prepare the disc.

“After evaluating outcomes of more than 1,500 patients undergoing a lateral interbody fusion procedure, I believe one of the most important aspects to rapid patient recovery is minimizing time in the psoas. CoreLink’s new lateral system facilitates seamless passage through the psoas, maximizes the operative window and minimizes tissue retraction,” said Ryan DenHaese, MS, MD, FAANS.

CoreLink Lateral Access - ORTHOFLASH

Source: CoreLink

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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