CoreLink Introduces Oro Lateral Plate

By Julie A. Vetalice

CoreLink is launching the Oro™ Lateral Plate to treat degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma and spinal deformities. This is the company's third lateral product launch this year.

Oro offers a low-profile option for lateral lumbar plating, featuring an automatic locking mechanism to prevent screw back-out and the ability to connect to CL5 and F3D Lateral interbodies. It can be attached to the interbody in situ or on the back table for O.R. efficiency.

F3D implants leverage the company’s proprietary Mimetic Metal™ titanium alloy 3D printing process that mimics characteristics of natural bone. Mimetic Metal creates a trabecular structure of interconnected pores and a directional lattice perimeter for anisotropic load sharings.

The device received a first-of-its-kind FDA clearance as the only lateral plating system on the market with the flexibility to be used as supplemental fixation in multiple scenarios to allow optional permanent connection to a CoreLink lateral interbody or for use with an alternative lateral interbody.
CoreLink Oro Lateral Plate - ORTHOWORLD

Source: CoreLink

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